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Gmt Brick Pallet

gmt pallets

gmt pallets

gmt pallets

bricks pallets

gmt pallet

gmt pallets

1. Advantages of GMT pallets
  GMT(Glass Mat reinforced Thermoplastics), or glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic composite material, which is made of fiber as reinforcing material and thermoplastic resin as base material made by method of heating and pressurizing. It becomes widely used composite material in the world and is considered as one of the most prospective development new material in the 21st century.
  1.Light weight
  Taking one pallet size 850*680 for example, with same thickness, our GMT pallet is lighter; for same weight, our GMT pallet is thinner. GMT pallet is lightest with high strength.
  2.High Impact Resistant
  Impact strength of PVC plate is less than or equal to 15KJ/m2, GMT pallet is greater than or equal to 30KJ/m2, comparing the impact strength under the same conditions.
  Drop hammer experiment in the same height shows that: when GMT pallet slightly cracked, PVC plate has been breakdown by drop hammer. ( Below is the laboratory drop tester: )
  3.Good Rigidity
  GMT plate elastic modulus 2.0-4.0GPa, PVC sheets elastic modulus 2.0-2.9GPa. The following diagram: GMT plate bending effect compared with the PVC plate under the same stress conditions
  4.Not Easily Deformed
  Water absorption rate <1%
  Surface hardness shore: 76D. 100 minutes vibration with materials and pressure. Brick machine screw off, pallet is not destructed, surface wear is about 0.5mm.
  7.Anti-high And Low Temperature
  Being used at min 20 degrees, GMT pallet won't deform or crack.
  GMT pallet is able to withstand high temperature of 60-90℃, won't easily deform, and suitable for steam curing, but PVC plate is easy to deform at high temperature of 60 degree
  8.Long Service Life
  Theoretically, it can be used more than 8 years
  2. Technical parameter
gmt brick pallet