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Gmt Block Pallet

gmt pallet

gmt pallets

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gmt pallets

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1.Advantages of  GMT pallet

  GMT pallets have good wear resistance.GMT pallet wear-resistant surface hardness Shore 72.Long service life, is better than solid wood board and bamboo board.Good rigidity - Modulus of elasticity 3.7 GPa

  The GMT pallet carries a high-limit load of 2.0kn.Bending strength 51.0 MPa, pressure resistance,Not easy to break,Suitable for high weight and large size brick.
  GMT pallet has good impact resistance
  GMT pallets are easy to use and have high impact strength
  GMT pallet has good water resistance and will not be deformed in a humid environment.
  The water absorption resistance of the water-resistant surface is <0.5, which is better than the bamboo & wood board.
  GMT pallet impact strength 20KJ/m2 anti-vibration anti-collision anti-fall non-cracking is better than PVC board, solid wood board. And light weight density <1.2 saves effort, reduces friction, lighter than PVC and steel Pallet.
  High turnover times, the board can be used on both sides;
  Corrosion resistance: resistant to most acids, alkalis and salts;
  Good weather resistance: low temperature resistance -40 ° C, high temperature resistance 90 ° C. Anti-exposure, anti-aging, suitable for steaming. Better than PVC, steel plate, bamboo board;
  Long life can be used for 6 years in theory;

2. Technical parameter

gmt block pallet