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Pvc Brick Pallet

pvc pallet

pvc pallets

pvc pallets

pvc pallets

pvc brick pallet

pvc brick pallet
        Pvc pallets suitable for all types of block machines.
  It is made of PVC resin powder with a certain percentage of antiaging agent, lubricant and antioxidant.
  The pallets are cut for desired specifications before going through electrical heating and plastic molding.
  It is a new emerging pallet, featuring high strength, steam resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance,water absorption resistance, deformation resistance, cracking resistance, long service life . 
Advantages of  Pvc pallets
  1.High strength, thermal insulation, heat preservation, damp proofing, flame resistant,acid and alkaline resistant and corrosion resistant.
  2.Good performance in stability and dielectric property, durable, anti-aging, easy to weld and join.
  3.The PVC pallets that are kneaded, mixed, pulled, diced, squeezed or cast.The pallets are easy to process and can meet the  different requirements of specifications.   
  4.The operation process is simply and easy to install.
  5.Good performance in flexible strength and impact toughness. The ductility is relatively high upon cracking.
  6.The material is not flammable and has good properties of high strength, weather resistance and geometric stability.
  7.Good resistance to oxidant, deoxidizer and strong acid.But it may be corroded by concentrated oxidation acid such as concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid and it is not suitable to contact with aromatic hydrocarbons or chlorhydrocarbons.